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Acing Your Network Marketing Presentation

Acing Your Network Marketing Presentation
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Acing Your Network Marketing PresentationIf you have a network marketing business, you know that there will come a time when you have to present your business to a group of people. This can be a group of sales leads or a group of potential sales recruits. For some people, speaking in front of a group always gives them the jitters. If you also feel this way, this article will help you get over some of those feelings.

You know that you are supposed to give a presentation. However, when you are actually in front of the audience, you were still caught be surprise by the number of eyes staring at you. This is normal. One thing to help you get used to the staring is by visualizing the audience in front of you. Close your eyes. Imagine all those pairs of eyes on you. Imagine yourself looking into those eyes instead of avoiding them. Let your eyes scan over the audience in your visualization. Imagine different expressions on their faces.

You will see some people smiling, some frowning, some yawning, some not paying attention, just about anything expression you can imagine. Visualize this everyday and see those faces. Imagine yourself  just giving your best presentation with all of those different faces looking at you. When the day comes for your real presentation, seeing all of those real faces will not that much different.

Practice your presentation several times. Make sure you have all of your props and materials set up and ready. If you have handouts, organize them ahead of time into a folder. Be prepared to answer questions. Keep on hand a bottle of water for a quick sip when your throat feels dry. Carry tissues in your pocket just in case you need them for anything.

If you see your audience start to assemble, go ahead and meet them first. Go around and welcome them. This is good ice breaker for you and the people who came to hear you. Find out what they want to know the most. After you have a chance to chat with them a little bit, you will feel like you are giving your presentation to a group of friends.

If you feel like your speaking style needs some polish, join a club like Toastmasters. Speaking clubs like this give you plenty of opportunities to speak in front of an audience made of members in a mutually supportive environment. The more practice you get, the more comfortable you will become speaking in front of people. You can apply your speaking techniques to your network marketing presentation.

If you fumble a few words or forget a couple of lines, do not worry about it. These little blips will make no difference to your audience. Your sincerity and warmth toward your audience will be what counts.

The only way to get over your nervousness is by just doing it. Practice, and practice some more. Visualize your audience. After you do this a few times, you will see that it is not really so difficult.

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