How to keep your ties?

How to keep your ties?
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How to keep your ties?It is very important to untie a tie every time you take it off. You can do it gently by loosening it first, then pulling the loop over your head and at last opening it completely. Then wrap the tie around your hand and place the bundle it.

If you need to iron your tie, put a clean cotton between iron and silk. But never completely flatten your tie with the iron, because it is supposed to keep its tubular texture. Ironing the ties regularly could not prevent the fabrics from being damaged quickly.

In principle, ties should be kept hanging or lying down. Except the knitted ties which should always be stored horizontally, as otherwise they wear out. One possibility would be to hang the tie over a hanger or a crossbar. It is better to treat creases with steam by passing the iron closely along the ties without touching it. You can also run hot water into the bathtub and hang the tie in the foggy steam. You should check if the label is still tight. Besides it appears untended if it is only hanging on one thread or sticks out on the side.

The storing of ties is the same as other clothes, as they should not hang too tightly in the closet, so that the air can circulate sufficiently. The ties need also be protected against the sun, dust, humidity and moths. If you have enough space in your closet for an extra drawer to keep ties wrapped up and clearly arranged, would be a delightful sight. Thus, you can either fold your ties in the middle or wrap them up. Then never roll the ties up, stuff in a drawer or lay over a chair, because they are extremely sensible being made of delicate fabrics.

A nice tie rack is always a good investment, as the tie racks organize and store your ties much easier. When you are traveling, fold the ties into fours to place them in the luggage. While eating be careful with a tie to avoid getting food on it. But if you stain the tie, action immediately. It is recommended to use cold water to prevent it from setting.

What works best is seltzer water. Greasy materials on the tie won’t disappear only with water, it is recommended talcum powder as soon as possible, as powder absorbs the grease. Then brush off the remaining residue and clean with cloth. Of course, a dry cleaner is recommended for hard stains.

As a conclusion, keep the ties in the best conditions and you will be very proud to wear them as if they are new. If you invest in a nice, clean and excellent tie, you will get more attention from your friends, fellows, business partners, all the world will look first at your necktie, as a piece of clothing which can make the difference. So more attention to your ties, more attention from your partners on all occasions!

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