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Beware Increased Opt-Outs for Email on Mobile Devices

Beware Increased Opt-Outs for Email on Mobile Devices
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Beware Increased Opt-Outs for Email on Mobile DevicesEmail is a great way to communicate with your mobile device users but will require more attention as people increasingly try to weed out unnecessary emails. Use the suggestions below for using increased mobile-device access to email to enhance rather than threaten your marketing strategy.

Consider revising your approach to email marketing materials to accommodate the growing number of people accessing email through their mobile devices.

When you’re revising your email marketing materials for mobile-friendliness brevity is the rule. If you typically have several paragraphs in your email materials, you might want to shift your longer communications to another form such as instituting a newsletter or a blog rather than using email for those communications which can effectively shorten your emails so that they aren’t inconvenient to read on mobile devices.

Your email marketing strategy should include paying extra attention to your subject line for user friendliness on mobile devices. Challenge yourself to continually revise your subject line in email for increased clarity. Consider using a thesaurus while you’re composing content to see whether there are shorter words you can use to express your subject matter.

While you may not be responsible for ‘sending’ individuals duplicate material, if your material is duplicated on your multiple sites it may end up being accessed by users multiple times which will make it more likely that customers or potential customers will unsubscribe.

Instead of formulating a mobile marketing strategy that delivers the same message on various platforms such as on your site, your blog, Facebook and email, create a strategy where you reserve specific types of communications with customers to specific formats. For instance, reserve email alerts or communications to talking about upcoming events for a specific week or month and discuss events going on currently on Facebook.

If you use an email service provider ask the company about their segmentation tools which allow you to send specific emails to specific segments of your email list based on gender or other demographic criteria.

Don’t neglect your email lists because you’re paying attention to other marketing platforms. While it’s vital that you not inundate your email subscribers with too many emails, it’s equally important that you not send out emails so infrequently that customers lose interest. Establish frequency goals for mobile marketing using email and try to stick with them.

Consider current offline advertising and marketing materials you use and determine whether you can achieve marketing savings by replacing any of those offline materials with email marketing. While your real-time marketing efforts may be better achieved by establishing a Twitter account or a Facebook business account, you’re likely still using some offline marketing that can effectively be replaced by email.

Consider sending emails from your mobile device to help you keep your answers short and sweet because you’ll be using a smaller keyboard and smaller screen.

Email marketing for mobile devices likely requires a change in your email marketing strategies. Use the suggestions above to improve outcomes from email marketing materials accessed by users via their mobile devices.

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