Discover the city of London now

Discover the city of London now
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Discover the city of London now
In the city of London you can always find cheap London airport transfers and travel at convenient prices for you, your family or for your friends, in one of the greatest European cities you can visit every holiday season.

There are many means of transport which you can use to get around the entire city. The transport network in London is fully integrated as it offers to the visitors the option to choose from the London Underground (also known as the Tube), many beautiful buses, the Docklands Light Railway, trams, London Overground, Barclays Cycle Hire, London River Services and Emirates Air Line cable car.

The Tube has a very long tradition in London, the first underground train being introduced in the city, more precisely under the city, in 1863. Its logo is also well-known, this being designed in 1908 by Edward Johnston.

The Visitor Oyster card can be bought by tourists who come to London. This is a very cheap way to see the city and explore its most beautiful places and monuments. This type of card is a smart card which is preloaded with money and it gives you the opportunity to travel fast and convenient in the city of London.

You do not have to calculate each trip you make because it automatically makes the calculations and this is based on the service you use when you travel around the city. There are special Zones in the city in which you can travel at a low price. For children under 11 the transport is free and they can travel with their parents around the city, everywhere they want to go.

Those who like cricket can see beautiful matches of cricket on the Lord’s cricket ground and at Wimbledon. After you arrive at one of the airports of the city you can easily find a transport means to take you to the hotel or the city. A journey from the airport to the heart of the city will take you approximately 30 minutes.

You can find a taxi at any airport of London and at the train terminals of the city. You go to the centre of the city in 30 minutes with the London underground transport (called the Tube).

One of the most important tourist attractions in London is the museum called Madame Tussauds. The first wax exhibition was held here in 1802. The one who made the wax figures was the French woman Marie Tussaud. She also worked for the French royal family at Versailles.

In London also lived the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. He lived at 221B Baker Street. Many people come to visit London only for this reason, to see this famous street of the city of London.

In London you will find many accommodation solutions for different budgets. If you travel with your friends, family or alone, you will always find convenient solutions for you. London is the perfect choice in every season, you will be satisfied with what you will find here.

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